April 28, 2021

Meet the Young Entrepreneur Seeking to Tackle Our Waste Issue

Over the last few years, sustainability has gradually started to take up more space when we talk about our consumption, our economy and our role in it. While we still have a long way to go, there are many Australians at the forefront of the battle for a more sustainable way of life. 

One of those impassioned leaders is Lottie Dalziel, a young entrepreneur, activist, and founder of Banish, a site with a mission to help Australian’s reduce their waste with the right products and even better information.

All of the products available at Banish adhere to a strict set of guidelines, including being paraben-free and are not tested on animals. Banish also has a recycling program for a number of items including toothbrushes, lotion bottles, medicine blister packs, makeup and more.

After struggling to find reliable and credible information about sustainability, Lottie embarked on a mission to positively impact the habits of individuals and larger organisations, and has been a finalist in the Sydney City NSW Business Chamber Awards in 2018 and 2019, for Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Start-Up Superstar, was named one of Contiki’s 35 Under 35 Changemakers in 2019, and named as one of the Top 50 People in Ecommerce in Australia this year.

You can find out more about Banish by visiting their website or joining their Sustainability group on Facebook. 

You can also help contribute to a more sustainable environment by returning your unwanted or expired medicines to any local pharmacy via the Return of Unwanted Medicines project. 

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