March 10, 2021

What Life is Like as the Only Pharmacist on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is an Australian territory and small island located in the South Pacific Ocean, situated between New Caledonia and New Zealand and off the coast of Queensland. 

With around 1800 citizens, the island receives limited supplies with a shipment via plane every Friday, delivering everything from food to medical supplies. 

Gerry is the pharmacist and operator of the Burnt Pine Pharmacy on Norfolk Island, an institution that has been around for decades, supporting the health and wellbeing of Norfolk Island residents and visitors. 

Gerry is passionate about her community, and about running a community pharmacy that supplements the other medical services on the island. She described the generosity and community spirit of the island, as well as the collaboration between health practitioners. 

In addition to the pharmacy, there is a small hospital and a General Practitioner clinic on the island with around three to four doctors, nurses and allied health staff providing care. 

While the island is miles away from the mainland, you get a really strong sense of community spirit when talking to Gerry.

The Burnt Pine Pharmacy also participates in the Return of Unwanted Medicines project. You can find out more about the project on our website

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