August 4, 2020

Getting to know RUM Project Communications Specialist Kalinda Atkinson

1. How long have you been working at the RUM Project?

I’ve been a part-time part of the wonderful RUM team since April 2019.

2. What do you do at the RUM project?

As the Online Communications Specialist, I write and upload the blog content, manage our social media profiles, send emails to our audience, and engage with partners to spread the word of the RUM project.  My ultimate goal is to increase awareness of this fantastic initiative that not enough Australians know about!

3. What do you love about working at the RUM project?

Apart from working alongside a really passionate and engaged team,  I love being able to work for a cause that helps protect the environment and those that are vulnerable in our homes – pets, children, and the elderly.

4. Why is the RUM project so important?

It provides a safe, convenient and free way for every Australian to remove unwanted or expired medicines from their household. Just take it to the counter of your nearest pharmacy!

5. What is your dream/vision for the RUM project?

I envision a future where every Australian utilises the RUM project to dispose of their unwanted medicines.

6. What is your go-to office snack?

At the moment it would have to be either a punnet of blueberries or some nuts. 🥜


The Return of Unwanted Medicines Project is a free service that offers a way to dispose of unwanted or expired medicines safely and conveniently at your local community pharmacy. Find out more about the service here.

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