July 28, 2022

The RUM Project teams up with Sanofi Australia

Return Unwanted Medicine (The RUM Project) is encouraging all Australians to show their enthusiasm for protecting our precious environment by safely disposing of their unwanted or expired medicines by using The RUM Project’s national network of free disposal bins at pharmacies across the country.

RUM has partnered with healthcare company Sanofi Australia in a brand new, Australia-wide campaign to raise awareness and educate Australians about the environmental impact of incorrect disposal of unused and expired medicines. 

Toni Riley, The RUM Project’s Project Manager and practising pharmacist, said there are multiple benefits to safely and sustainably returning unwanted and expired medicine.

“The majority of Australians are currently disposing of their unwanted and expired medications by throwing them in the bins or flushing them down the toilet. This leads to environmental contamination, including to our precious waterways,” Miss Riley says.

Karen Hood, Country Lead, Sanofi Australia and New Zealand, said: “Taking urgent action on climate and water stewardship is more vital than ever. We know that people want to do the right thing by the planet, but there is a considerable knowledge gap on the responsible disposal of medicines. 

“That’s why we’re proud to partner with The RUM Project. Together, our pursuit is to encourage all Australians to dispose of unwanted medicines responsibly via their local pharmacy, and to help improve the treatment of our planet,” she says.

A wide range of medications and vitamins can be safely disposed of through The Rum Project. These include:

  • Any prescription and over-the-counter medicines 
  • Herbal and complementary supplements, plus homeopathy remedies 
  • Gels, liquids and topical creams 
  • Pet medications
  • Unused Epipens 
  • Asthma inhalers that still contain the active ingredient 
  • Insulin pens and vials 
  • Penthrox inhalers 

And many more. For the full list, please visit The RUM Project.

All Australians can take part – all they need to do is next time they visit their local participating pharmacy, take their unwanted and expired medications, and ask the pharmacist to dispose of them in the RUM bin. We’ll take care of the rest.

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