August 5, 2021

Managing Mild Side Effects from the COVID-19 Vaccine

Discover a run-down of the most common mild side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines and how to treat them at home. Because vaccines mimic infections and stimulates an immune response so that antibodies can be produced.

To make these antibodies, the immune system builds proteins that can have an influence on how other cells in the body behave. It is crucial part of developing antibodies against a virus, but it can also lead to common side effects including a fever, muscle aches and pains, chills and a headache. 

National survey data showed that 6 in 10 Australians receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine experienced some mild side effects after the first dose and 3 in 10 for the second dose, and for Pfizer 4 in 10 people experienced symptoms after the first dose, and 6 in 10 for the second. 

The advice issued to manage these mild side effects include staying well hydrated, resting in a comfortable room temperature, or potentially taking any simple pain relief including paracetamol and ibuprofen. 

The healthdirect symptom checker can help with identifying new symptoms. If you have concerns or if you develop any new, unexpected, severe, or persistent symptoms, you should speak with a health professional.


If treating your symptoms with paracetamol, remember that you can dispose of any unwanted or expired medicines via the RUM project.

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