February 25, 2021

How to Correctly Seal Your New RUM Bin

Last year saw the rollout of the new RUM bins, with the new design centred around safety – for pharmacists, patients, and those transporting the bins. 

The new bins also have a new way of being sealed and prepared for transport. Wholesalers are reporting that pharmacies are attempting to return the full RUM bins without being sealed – this is a potential hazard and cannot continue. Drivers have now been instructed not to collect any full RUM bins that are not correctly sealed. 

To correctly assemble your new RUM bin, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the seal from the base of the RUM bin before applying the one-way lid
  2. Store the seal in a separate safe place until the RUM bin is full and ready to be sealed and returned to the wholesaler
  3. Use the red seal to safely secure the RUM bin
  4. Send the RUM bin back to your local wholesaler 

If you have any questions about the assembly of the new RUM bin, get in touch with us.

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