September 17, 2019

5 ways to be more environmentally friendly in the office

When we think about becoming more environmentally friendly, our thoughts often go to the home and what we can do there. Whilst what you do at home is key in helping reduce your environmental footprint, what is often overlooked is what you can do in the office or at work. Follow these simple tips to help reduce your environmental footprint at work.


1. Get a keep cup
Did you know that Australians use an estimated 1 billion coffee cups each year? Investing in a keep cup that you bring to your local cafe will help keep unnecessary plastic out of the landfill.

2. Ditch the car
Where possible, try to walk, cycle or take public transport to your office. Exhausts from cars omit a significant amount of CO2 emissions, and by not driving to work you’re reducing the amount that goes into the atmosphere.

3. Print less
We are living in an increasingly paperless society, but you still may find times when you fall back on old habits and print out documents. Always ask yourself if it’s really necessary to print the document and if so, try to use recycled paper.

4. Bring your own lunch to work
Bringing your own lunch to work will not only save you time and money, but it will also stop you from buying your lunch in unnecessary plastic containers.

5. Recycle!
You should regularly clean up your desk and office space, looking for anything that can be reused or recycled. If your drawer contains any unused or expired medicines, take them out of their packaging and return these to a pharmacy near your office on your lunch break or way home.

By following these simple steps, you will be reducing your overall footprint on the environment. Remember that every action counts!

The Return of Unwanted Medicines Project is a free service that offers a way to dispose of unwanted or expired medicines safely and conveniently at your local community pharmacy. Find out more about the service here.

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